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AISF High School Program


AISF is accredited by the Middle States Association to provide an education from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8. For our small number of High School students, AISF offers the University of Nebraska High School, an accredited online program that allows students to pursue an American High School Diploma.
To support the students, the school provides a certified teacher as a proctor and tutor and, additionally, provides limited specialist support in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Support in French may be provided on a more casual basis.
The school also provides Physical Education, Art, and other specialist subjects dependent on the availability of specialist teachers in Freetown.
To supplement this basic program, AISF intends to offer the following additional elements:
• A service-learning program
• An annual personal-interest project and presentation along the lines of the Personal Project in the IB Middle Year’s Program or the Extended Essay in the Diploma Program.
Student Expectations
• Regular attendance
• Completion of work for the University of Nebraska High School that has them on track for completion of high school with four years
• Maintaining at least a passing GPA
• Participation in specialist subjects
• Participation in the Service-Learning Program whether school or student initiated
• Completion of the annual special-interest project to a satisfactory standard according to the criteria set
• A positive, “can do” attitude
• The willingness and ability to work independently and to manage, with assistance, the UNHS workload