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The American International School of Freetown is proudly both American and international while cherishing its roots in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

American Common Core standards form the foundation of our English Language Arts and Mathematics curricula from Kindergarten to Grade 8.  This allows our students to easily transition back to schools in the USA or to international schools around the world.  This provides AISF with its solid, American foundation.

We have adopted the exploratory, inquiry-based International Early Years and International Primary curricula from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4.  These programs are designed to be international, project-based, and interdisciplinary meaning that students use a variety of subject areas to explore a host of real-world issues.  These curricula also allow our children to explore Sierra Leone and their country of origin wherever that may be. This, then, provides the international foundation of the school.

In Middle School, our teachers have carefully woven US standards with local and international content as students explore literature from Africa and around the world.  Our Social Studies program also allows students to explore Africa, Sierra Leone, and world history and geography.

Our two High School programs, VHS and the University of Nebraska High School are both mainstream American programs that provide our students the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of different interests from taking an introduction to psychology to courses in World Religions.  For those students seeking an additional challenge, we offer online Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Recently, the school has appointed two Salone learning coordinators to help ensure that learning about Sierra Leone is an important part of our students’ experience.

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