Admissions Process at AISF

John & Mohamed in Math 10.22The American International School of Freetown uses an open rolling admissions process. This means that we do not have a set admissions season. AISF accepts applications year-round for all grades. Our school is able to accept students with specific special learning needs only if those needs are diagnosed as mild. The family must provide full disclosure of the nature of those learning needs. AISF has a strict limit of 18 students per classroom at all age levels. Classrooms at AISF include two grade levels per classroom: PreK/KG, Grade 1/2, Grade 3/4, Grade 5/6, Grade 7/8. In 2017/2018 AISF is piloting a Grade 9 blending online academics with on sire enrichment and off campus programs in service learning and cultural exploration.

AISF administers a set standardized assessment to all new students when they are admitted. This is not a competitive examination. The test is from the same company, the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) testing, that we use twice yearly to measure our own students’ learning progress every school year. The MAP Admissions screening is diagnostic. We use admissions testing to ensure that our school plans wisely for every student. Parents always receive the testing results. MAP test results are never used to deny admission unless results clearly indicate that the student cannot be served adequately in our program.

All instruction at AISF is delivered in English. AISF accepts students with very little knowledge of English in grades PreK through Grade 2. After Grade 2 admission is on a case by case basis, depending on AISF informal assessment of the student’s potential to function happily and effectively, both academically and socially, in our English-speaking environment.Paul & Sierra in Sci 10.22

All materials necessary to apply for a place at AISF are available in the links below. Simply complete the forms and send directly to the school. Admissions forms may be scanned and sent by email to or they can be delivered in hard copy to Reception at the school.

Questions on admission should be directed to Admin Assistant and Receptionist Saidu Conteh at or to the Director, Irene Epp, at